Shot Glasses Lighthouse Black – Mallorca Line – Set 2

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Shot glasses are perfect to drink small doses of your favorite alcohol. They have thicker glass, particular on the base than any other glass of our collection. Because of this reinforcement is designed to prevent it from shattering when you slam it onto the table. Also, you can use these glasses to measure liquor to create your cocktail.  These shot glasses are totally hand made by the artisanal mouth-blowing technique. This method dates to the first century and it was invented by the craftsmen. Our local artisans located in Mallorca, preserve this traditional technique to create these magnificent shot glasses, making them different and unique from each other. Spirals and twists of color bathes the glasses creating a mesmerizing design.

To create these amazing shot glasses, we use 100% recycled glass. As a result, we help to reduce the emission of CO2 and we give a new life to a material that is easy to shape and recycle. Thanks to that, we had the possibility to create incredibly unique glasses. Also, our glasses are sturdy, heavy, and firm, they fit great in your hand. They hold a capacity of 2,2 oz.

In stock

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