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Martini Glass – Exclusive Package – Mediterrani Line – Set 2


Martini Glass – Exclusive Package – Mediterrani Line – Set 2

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Martini Glass have a distinct V-shaped, conical bowl. Their brim is wide allowing the nose of the drinker to get closer to the surfer of the cocktail and fully sense its scent and taste. The V-shaped bowl keeps the ingredients mixed and helps the aroma of the drink to blossom. It is essential to keep the durability of the cold temperature of these non-iced drinks, and that can be accomplished by the long stem of the Martini. It prevents the body heat from interferer with the temperature of the cocktail. Our martini glasses are oversized due that their capacity is of 12 oz.

They are made by handmade and mouth-blown technic by highly experienced glass artisans. Our martini glasses are one of a kind because are hand painted by professional craftsman. Thanks to these methods each of our glasses are unique work of art. Antoni Barcelona glassware is 100% lead-free and manufactured with eco-friendly practices.

Exclusive new box ideal to give as a gift. The exterior of the box is elegant and eye-catching. The structure is sturdy, and the design is innovative. Each color line is reflected in the packaging artwork. Its interior is coated with a shock-resistant material, and it is much easier to remove the cups, since only by removing the lid, you can access the glasses.

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The colors of this collection are inspired by the incredible Mediterranean coasts.

The view of the Mediterranean is bathed by different shades of blue like the deep blue sea or the clear sky blue. In this collection, we want to convey the feeling of a summer day at a beach accompanied by a light breeze.

The blue represents the crystal water dancing under the warm Spanish sun. The silver symbolizes the sea foam of the waves gently crashing against the sand, creating little sparkly bubbles.


These glasses are used to nurse cocktails without ice or serve “upâ€ drinks. That is, drinks that are shaken or stirred until chilled and then served without ice. This includes any classical cocktails like Martini which is the drink this glass was named after.

Other drinks that can be served in this glass: Manhattan, Cosmopolitan, Gimlet, Aviation Cocktail, Lemon Drop, Dry Martini, Daiquiri, etc.



Height: 7.874 in

With: 5.236 in

Capacity: 12 oz


Care Instructions:

Do not clean them by washing machine.

Wash them by hand.

Weight1 kg

6 reviews for Martini Glass – Exclusive Package – Mediterrani Line – Set 2

  1. JMP

    These glasses are both artful and eye catching. They came extremely well boxed, but one of the four glasses we purchased was broken. That being said, the customer service at Antonio Barcelona was excellent. The rep, (Marion), was super fast in getting back to me and was in contact with me through the replacement process. We are very pleased with the glasses and although we haven’t entertained with them yet, are sure to get compliments on them.

  2. deb

    Came very nicely boxed and looked better than I thought. Great Gift.

  3. CeCe

    I have wanted to purchase the martini glasses in the red pattern for months and they were always sold out when ever I wanted to purchase. When Antoni Barcelona introduced the blue line wine glasses I wrote the company asking about them making a martini glass and they said it would be introduced soon. I added the blue glasses to my birthday wish list and my husband got the set for me. The glasses are well packed to prevent breakage. They are really very stunning and highly recommend them for very impressive gift giving.

  4. David

    Beautiful hand blown and painted glasses! Truly works of art!

  5. Jeanne Drummey

    I had been looking to replace broken martini glassware and was thrilled to discover these glasses. The colors are exquisite-they are truly a work of art! The glasses are generously sized. It feels like a special event when I use this glassware!

  6. Kirsten in Kansas

    Gave these to my daughter as a gift & she loved them! Dainty but not flimsy, sturdy but not so thick at the rim you dribble your drink. May need to gift some to myself!

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