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Large Wine Glass – Exclusive Package – Sagrada Familia – Set 2


Large Wine Glass – Exclusive Package – Sagrada Familia – Set 2

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The large wine glasses have a capacity of 29 Oz making distinctly the largest wine glasses of our collection. The bowl is broad and tall which allows wine to oxygenate as you swirl it up the edge of the glass. The shape enables ethanol to dissipate on the nose and helps to reduce the effects of tannins, which causes the bitterness of the wine. Due that the bowl is tall it helps to deliver more aroma and makes the wine taste smother.

They are made by handmade and mouth-blown technic by highly experienced glass artisans. Our large wine glasses are one of a kind because are hand painted by professional craftsman. Thanks to these methods each of our large wine glasses are unique work of art. Antoni Barcelona glassware is 100% lead-free and manufactured with eco-friendly practices.

Exclusive new box ideal to give as a gift. The exterior of the box is elegant and eye-catching. The structure is sturdy, and the design is innovative. Each color line is reflected in the packaging artwork. Its interior is coated with a shock-resistant material, and it is much easier to remove the cups, since only by removing the lid, you can access the glasses.

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The inspiration behind is La Sagrada Familia. Magnificent. Glorious. Imposing. It is the emblem of the city of Barcelona.

This building is surrounded by beautiful stained-glass windows.

The sunlight enters through them creating colorful shadows on the walls of the Sagrada Familia. Sagrada Familia seems to be submerged in a golden and reddish sunset. Red Line collection wants to capture the beauty of the stained-glass windows under the sunlight.


The Large wine glass is designed for heavy, full-bodied red wines with high tannins, like Merlot, Bordeaux blends, Petite Sirah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Malbec.



Height: 10.748 in

Width: 4.133 in

Capacity: 29 oz


Care Instructions:

Do not clean them by washing machine.

Wash them by hand.

Weight 1 kg

8 reviews for Large Wine Glass – Exclusive Package – Sagrada Familia – Set 2

  1. Tator Tot

    I have to absolutely agree with others who have posted when they say that these glasses are absolutely more gorgeous in person than on the advertisement. I love them. They are just so unique. I really like the fact that they are larger than traditional wine glasses. I believe they will be fun to drink from as well as a neat decorative piece when not being used. If you’re thinking about purchasing them, you will not be sorry. The packaging was well done and they arrived without any issues. Everyone’s pictures tell the story, but you cannot really appreciate how beautiful they are until you see them up close and personal!

  2. nabbyg116

    LOVE these glasses. They are obviously hand made pieces of art. Absolutely beautiful and well worth the price.

  3. DN

    We are very happy! We had a small hiccup in our first order. We told Antoni the problem and he personally worked with us until we were happy…and we ARE HAPPY! These are now my most cherished and treasured wine glasses. You can order with confidence knowing that even IF something needs attention/correction Antoni will see that it is done and you are satisfied. Thank you Antoni ~ Cheers! David and Lucy

  4. Chickie

    We purchased the Antoni Barcelona large wine glasses Set of 2 (29 Oz) – handblown and handmade, painted blue wine glass, (2 blue) as holiday gift for our son. Honestly, the picture cannot begin to show the actual beauty of these glasses. The blue colors are stunning, the stem, a perfect circle, and the glass itself, is pleasing to the eye and the touch. Not to mention, the heart as giving this gift will bring joy to our hearts when we see his surprise! Our son has impeccable taste, and now we can say we do too, (for these wine glasses anyway!) The glasses come in a lovely box, providing security when the glasses are being transported and stored. We are planning to make Antoni Barcelona glasses an annual gift tradition, that’s for sure!

  5. Lindsey Craft

    These glasses are truly stunning. I purchased a set years ago for my home, and recently purchased another as a Christmas gift. I was reminded just how striking they are when a waitress stopped by after they were opened and commented on how beautiful they were. The glass has held up extremely well in the set I have, and each piece truly is unique. The only downside is that they are not dishwasher safe, and if you

  6. Dana Romano

    Not sure why anyone complains about the size…. the dimensions are listed in the description. Read about it before ordering. These are HUGE glasses and likely won’t fit in your standard cupboard and that shouldn’t be a surprise.

  7. Ornella

    I just received these glasses, and being that I’m from Spain, I have an even more grandiose expectation of them. They are as beautiful in person as in pictures. Super delicate, so be very careful when handling. The hand painting is just exquisite. I will be gifting these to all my family

  8. Jacqueline Neel

    I absolutely love these wine glasses. This is the second set I have ordered as a wedding gift. They are packaged very well and the product itself is more beautiful than the pictures. Both times, I ordered the red, and both times, it was not a disappointment. The first couple loved them, and I know the second couple will as well. (I just gifted them a few days ago). I definitely recommend if you are like me and hate going with registries.

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