Large Wine Glass – Sagrada Familia

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The large wine glasses have a capacity of 29 Oz making distinctly the largest wine glasses of our collection. The bowl is broad and tall which allows wine to oxygenate as you swirl it up the edge of the glass. The shape enables ethanol to dissipate on the nose and helps to reduce the effects of tannins, which causes the bitterness of the wine. Due that the bowl is tall it helps to deliver more aroma and makes the wine taste smother.

They are made by handmade and mouth-blown technic by highly experienced glass artisans. Our large wine glasses are one of a kind because are hand painted by professional craftsman. Thanks to these methods each of our large wine glasses are unique work of art. Antoni Barcelona glassware is 100% lead-free and manufactured with eco-friendly practices. Each colored wine glass comes packaged in a well-protected gift box.

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