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Jorge Lorenzo



Celebrate it like a true champion!

Antoni Barcelona Brand Ambassador

A unique opportunity to get to know the gentleman of the asphalt up close.

5 times MOTO GP world champion.

He got on a motorbike for the first time when he was just three years old; one that was made by his father to fight for his first race of “micro-cross”. With a gift for the asphalt and steel temperance, Jorge Lorenzo is one of the most important top ranked athletes inside and outside our barriers. With an undeniable talent, Lorenzo is a myth for the motorcycling world of all the times.


When he was just six years old he won the Balearian Championship, which was his first time in an official competition. He alternated “micro-cross” with trial. In 1997 he had already won eight autonomous championships in motocross, trial and speed modalities. In the same year, he made his debut in Copa Aprilia Caja Madrid of 50cc. and Dani Amatriain became his manager.

At the age of 13, he had to ask for a special permit to participate in the Spanish Speed Championship, the Federation granted it to him and only a year later he was fourth in the 125cc category and in the European Championship in the same category, in sixth place. His victory in Braga (Portugal) made him the youngest rider in history to win a race in the European Championship.

The years came by and his unstoppable ascent was full of victories, perseverance and a lot of sacrifice. As an Ambassador of Antoni Barcelona’s brand, we will know the Spanish rider first hand. We will have his closeness and charisma. He will narrate his own experience and will give the best advice to a new generation that is unstoppable growing. An unique opportunity to get to know in a very close way the asphalt knight.


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