ANTONI BARCELONA GLASS Offers a product of own manufacturing by artisan, blown and painted by hand these pieces of luxury, are only by her beauty and high – quality. Special just moments are big shots of the size and strength to savor the scent of the wine.  become one and this elite glass is a perfect gift for special occasions. Your enjoyment of fine wine is about to get a whole lot more luxurious.  Each Antoni Barcelona glass perfectly captures the essence of the Basilica’s breathtaking beauty—and its dazzling banks of stain-glassed windows that steal the breath of visitors worldwide. Hold these gorgeous glasses up to the light and experience mesmerizing colors and patterns so glorious, it’s as if the Basilica’s brilliant sunlit windows have come to rest in your hand. Alex La Pratt, famed sommelier at New York City’s DB Bistro Moderne, declares that “there is no replacing the pleasure of drinking out of a mouth-blown glass.” We agree. That’s why while many of our competitors turn out their glassware on a giant, mindless machines that shape and paint with robotic arms, producing thousands of generic lookalikes, we combine quality and craftsmanship the centuries-old way: 100% by hand.