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Antoni Barcelona Glass

Champagne Flute - Mediterrani Line - Set 2

Champagne Flute - Mediterrani Line - Set 2

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This collection draws its essence from the enchanting Mediterranean coast, renowned for its breathtaking palette of blues. From the profound depths of the sea to the serene azure of the sky, these hues embody the spirit of a quintessential summer day by the beach, graced with a gentle breeze. The collection's blue shades mirror the crystalline waters shimmering under the Spanish sun, while silver nuances echo the delicate sea foam created as waves softly kiss the sandy shores, leaving behind a trail of sparkling bubbles.



While traditionally used for savoring sparkling wines such as champagne and cava, these glasses also perfectly complement a range of modern cocktails. Ideal for brunch favorites like Mimosas and Bellinis to sophisticated concoctions such as French 75s, The Death in the Afternoon (an Ernest Hemingway creation), Cosmobellinis, Kir Royales, Italian 75s, Lotus, and many others, these glasses elevate every drinking experience.


Our champagne flutes are designed with an elegance and sophistication that set them apart. Their unique trumpet flute shape, reminiscent of the instrument's bell, lends a distinctive allure. The flute's bowl narrows towards a textured point at the bottom, a design choice that not only enhances the visual appeal but also promotes the congregation and longevity of bubbles. The wide mouth of the glass contrasts strikingly with its slender body and elongated stem, providing an exquisite visual balance. Each flute, holding 7.5 oz, is handcrafted and mouth-blown by skilled artisans, with hand-painted designs that render every piece uniquely beautiful. Crafted with 100% lead-free materials and sustainable practices, Antoni Barcelona glassware stands as a testament to eco-friendly luxury.


Presented in a newly designed, elegant box, our glasses make for an ideal gift. The box's exterior catches the eye with its sophistication, while its sturdy construction and innovative design ensure the glasses' protection. The artwork on the packaging, reflecting each color line, adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness to the presentation. The interior, lined with shock-resistant material, allows for easy access to the glasses, simply by removing the lid.


  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 11.22 inches
    • Width: 2.95 inches
    • Capacity: 7.5 oz


To maintain their exquisite beauty and integrity, these glasses should not be machine washed. Hand washing is recommended, ensuring each piece continues to sparkle and delight for years to come

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