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Antoni Barcelona Glass

Champagne Flute - Mediterrani Line - Set 2

Champagne Flute - Mediterrani Line - Set 2

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The colors of this collection are inspired by the incredible Mediterranean coasts.

The view of the Mediterranean is bathed by different shades of blue like the deep blue sea or the clear sky blue. In this collection, we want to convey the feeling of a summer day at a beach accompanied by a light breeze.

The blue represents the crystal water dancing under the warm Spanish sun. The silver symbolizes the sea foam of the waves gently crashing against the sand, creating little sparkly bubbles.


Originally, we use champagne glasses drink sparkling wine, champagne, and cava. However, we can use them for more modern cocktails. Many of them are Bruch drinks like: Mimosa, Bellini, French 75, The Death in the Afternoon (created by Ernest Hemingway), Cosmobellini, Kir Royale, Italian 75, Lotus, and many more.


These champagne flutes have an elegant and sophisticated silhouette. They are known as a Trumpet Flute due their body has a shape that mimics the bell of the instrument. A distinct feature of these type of flute is that the bowl is much narrower and roughened point near the bottom. This allows the bubbles to congregate and increase their durability. Also, their mouth is particularly wide which creates a great contrast with their bodies and their long stem. Our champagne flutes have a capacity of 7.5 oz.

They are made by handmade and mouth-blown technic by highly experienced glass artisans. Our balloon wine glasses are one of a kind because are hand painted by professional craftsman. Thanks to these methods each of our champagne flutes are unique work of art. Antoni Barcelona glassware is 100% lead-free and manufactured with eco-friendly practices.



Height: 11.22 in

Width: 2.95 in

Capacity: 7.5 oz


Care Instructions:

Do not clean them by washing machine.

Wash them by hand.

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