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Antoni Barcelona Glass

Martini Glass - Exclusive Package - Sagrada Familia - Set 2

Martini Glass - Exclusive Package - Sagrada Familia - Set 2

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The Red Line collection draws its inspiration from the architectural marvel that is La Sagrada Familia - a symbol of magnificence, glory, and grandeur, standing as the emblem of Barcelona. Encircled by exquisite stained-glass windows, the building basks in the sunlight, which dances through these panes to cast a kaleidoscope of colorful shadows across the hallowed walls. At certain moments, the interior of the Sagrada Familia appears to be bathed in the ethereal glow of a golden and reddish sunset, an enchantment that the Red Line aims to encapsulate, celebrating the mesmerizing beauty of the sunlight filtering through the stained glass.


Designed for the sophisticated enjoyment of cocktails served "up" - without ice - these glasses are perfect for classic concoctions that are either shaken or stirred to a chill before being presented ice-free. They are the vessel of choice for iconic drinks such as the Martini, the namesake of the glass. This collection is equally suited for serving a variety of other classic cocktails, including the Manhattan, Cosmopolitan, Gimlet, Aviation Cocktail, Lemon Drop, Dry Martini, Daiquiri, and more.


The Martini Glass is celebrated for its distinctive V-shaped, conical bowl, designed to enrich the drinking experience. The wide brim of the glass allows enthusiasts to fully engage with the cocktail’s aroma and flavor, while the V-shaped bowl ensures the ingredients remain blended, enhancing the drink's bouquet. The long stem of the glass plays a crucial role in maintaining the chilled temperature of these non-iced concoctions, preventing the warmth of the hand from affecting the drink. These oversized martini glasses boast a generous 12 oz capacity.

Crafted by the skilled hands of highly experienced artisans through traditional hand-made and mouth-blown techniques, each glass in our collection is a testament to unique artistry, hand-painted by professional craftsmen. As a result, every piece is a singular work of art. Antoni Barcelona glassware is committed to environmental stewardship, being 100% lead-free and produced through eco-friendly practices.


Each glass comes encased in an exclusive, stylish box, making it an ideal gift. The box's elegant and appealing exterior, robust structure, and innovative design reflect the artistry of the contents within. The packaging art mirrors the color line of the collection, and its interior is lined with shock-resistant material, ensuring the glasses are both protected and easily accessible by simply removing the lid.


  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 7.874 inches
    • Width: 5.236 inches
    • Capacity: 12 oz


To preserve their beauty and integrity, these glasses should not be cleaned in a washing machine. Hand washing is recommended, ensuring each piece remains a cherished part of your collection.

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